Technology, Health and Lifestyle

Today we are all looking for quick and easy ways to create time to exercise and personal trainers or specially gym’s are gaining momentum for busy professionals. However, it is always a problem to find the right personal trainer and book your session for mutually available timeslot. Now there is Alpha, designed to find the best personal trainers and facilities around you, quickly book your session via Alpha mobile calendar, track your credits and payments using the application. Re-scheduling is even easier, simply find an available slot at your instructor’s calendar and send a request.


Technology, Smart City

Big cities with thousands of cars but limited parking spaces. We deal with it every day, looking for an empty spot, waiting for valet to bring our car or just to pay to a parking ticket which is very easy to loose like your car when you dont remember where you parked it in a mall.
Now there is Parket, helping you park & pay faster and easier. You can browse parking spaces or valet services around you with their rates and availability. 

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